The Best Infrared Heaters Reviewed For You

How it all started

Hi, I’m John and would like to welcome you to my site. My biggest passion is working on cars in my garage, as we don’t have central heating there I got myself an infrared heater, well not just one, quite a few to be honest as most don’t live up to the job and I started to get back problems due to the cold.

Eventually my friend recommended me a proper one but I didn’t have much faith in it anymore so I found a large shop about 80 miles from there that sold multiple models so I could see them with my own eyes.Most of them were equal in wattage, some heated up just a little faster than others so I compiled a list of the ones that spoke most to my attention so have a look at it I would say and perhaps one of them will be your next heater.

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Why an infrared heater? Well several tasks tend to contribute to your power bill, of which heating tends to add significantly. However, let’s face the truth: We cannot live without a heating appliance! This is because it offers us both comfort and warmth during cold. Therefore, it is impossible to forego the installation of a heating device just because of lack of budget or a soaring power bill.

However, what we can do is look for alternatives to reduce the bill amount and get one as per our budget.This is exactly where an infrared heater proves to be handy instead of a central heating system. If used properly, it is an efficient appliance even if you heat a single room in case there is no need to heat your entire house. According to experts, the need for a furnace is fairly eliminated with the help of a highly efficient infrared quartz heater.

Check out the Dr. Infared heater from the video below

As you can see the Dr. Heater infrared heater lives up to it’s expectations, here some features of the Dr Infrared Heater:

  • The heater is designed in USA and has duel heating system.
  • It has 1500 W and a high/low temperature. The settings go from 65 to 86 degrees.
  • The product has increased heat transfer.
  • It can heat up easily 1,000 sq. ft.
  • The heater gives out 60% more heat than similar models on the market.
  • It is good as a supplementary heating source.
  • It received UL listing for high safety standards.
  • The device does not have any heating elements exposed.
  • It has a protection system for tip over and overheating circumstances.
  • It comes with a set of wheels.

Comparison of Dr Heater vs random heater

best infrared heater


  • The heater is small and can fit in every space of the room.
  • Its price is totally competitive compared to other alternatives.
  • It heats smaller and larger room and will keep the room temperature stable.
  • The heater is totally quiet and it can be used during sleep.
  • The protection systems are great for keeping the house secure.
  • Extra safe cause heating elements are not in plain sight.
  • Very portable due to the attached wheels


  • It turns out very hard to say anything negative about this heater.
  • Perhaps you can find something here in the user reviews at eBay.

Additional Userful Information

Below we explain some of the common features of infrared/space heaters, always good to know when you’re looking to buy something.

  • Forced Draft System: Works with push mechanism under a positive pressure for driving the combustion products through the exchanger tubes’ length. Such a heater is easy to install and service, as all components reside in a single compartment. Unlike other tube heaters, push heaters provide different installation and performance benefits.
  • Draft Induced System: Works under negative pressure and provides reliable operation in high-wind applications.
  • Multiple Burner Vacuum System: Works with pull mechanism under a negative pressure for driving the combustion products via the different radiant exchanger runs through a robust vacuum pump. This heater is useful when it is essential to have extended vent runs.
  • Tube infrared heaters:
    Contain quartz tubes emitting an electromagnetic wave of shorter wavelength than other infrared heaters. Quartz tubes are ideal in applications where an instant on and off source of heat is needed, which means they are inefficient for long-term applications. You might also find infrared heaters looking tubular. These devices have a heating core flanked by a metal sheath and best for heating small spaces.

Unlike quartz tube heaters, quartz lamp heaters have more power, are more durable, and are more efficient. Emitting a medium length wave, they are useful in high-speed processes due to their fast on and off response time.

The different kinds of infrared quartz heaters are distinguished by the wavelength in use, such as medium, near, and far infrared. For example, a heat lamp is near infrared device that uses a light bulb to emit black body radiation for ensuring warmth. However, a quartz lamp is a medium infrared heater used in homes and food processing stores. A far infrared heater is usually a carbon device but is pricier and is used somewhat like a heat lamp.


An infrared heater is a compact fixture that you can install in any area of your home. It uses electromagnetic radiation for evenly distributing heat indoors, wherein a higher-temperature entity transfers heat energy to a lower-temperature entity. While electromagnetic radiation is believed to be unsafe, it is completely safe for use in these heaters, as it is on a small scale.

Infrared heaters generate heat similar to the sun but its light is invisible, as it is beyond the visible spectrum. However, the surrounding objects such as skin and clothes absorb this light, which is how things warm up around the heater. It is usually warmer in direct sunlight and so are the home areas directly in front of the infrared quartz heaters.

These heaters use a filament that when heated releases waves of radiation. The material of filament determines the speed of heating up, for example, carbon heats faster than tungsten but is more expensive.

The efficiency of infrared devices is largely dependent on how you position them because the radiation released will heat things towards which they are pointed. The thumb rule holds that the larger the room, the more time it takes to heat. However, if the heater is placed such that it points towards a huge amount of space, the room is bound to get heated quickly. Just ensure there is no obstacle in the way of radiation reaching to the different room areas.

Avoid harmful emissions with an electric heater

A gas heater is a good choice for outdoor areas but not for the places that are enclosed, as it emits harmful chemicals. On the other hand, an oil heater can work well for enclosed areas such as bedrooms but it generates less heat than an infrared appliance.

For producing a big blast of heat, a garage heater is ideal but is not a feasible option for interiors. However, an economical infrared heater does not release harmful chemicals and that it is effective to heat up even an enclosed area. This makes the infrared alternative a solid choice!

Advanced Features to Look for

The best infrared heaters come with the extra capabilities apart from efficient heating and warmth features. These additional capabilities or features include air purifier and humidifier.

Typically, all infrared room heaters have a built-in air cleaner. However, the latest models allow the air purifier to run independently with easy-to-clean and durable filters. You can easily remove these filters for washing and vacuuming purpose and restore them with little efforts. Using such an air cleaner removes dust and other impurities such as dander from the air within the home.

Along with an air purifier, a few high-end infrared heaters come with built-in humidifier that is handy in winter during which the air inside a room can become quite dry. This problem goes away with the presence of a humidifier that retains the humidity level at a comfortable level by releasing small vapors into the air. This feature might not be of any use in case you already have a standalone humidifier. Nevertheless, for those who do not have, an infrared heater with a humidifier can save both space and money on buying separately.

Today, infrared quartz heaters are becoming a more popular way to heat up homes and workplaces during winter, and it is certainly a heating device or alternative worth considering.